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Boris and Ken go head to head on Thursday

Konnie collects £4,750After Parking Services on Thursday we can rush home and watch the Mayoral candidates doing a TV debate on ITV.

Konnie Huq’s London Talking will host the three main candidates at 11:05pm. They are expected to answer the questions of the studio audience Question Time style.

Ms Huq will have to work hard to be objective. The Times reports her many links to Labour here.

The tentacles of the Mayor’s patronage extend to her as well – she picked up a £4,750 fee, and a reprimand from the BBC, when she helped kick off the Mayor’s Hovis London Freecycle event last year. No wonder she was “the first person to sign up” for the event as reported by the Mayor’s £3 million a year self-promotion vehicle the Londoner, left.

Standard report here.

3 replies on “Boris and Ken go head to head on Thursday”

Hi Phil. Was good to chat the other day but surely it’d be better to report on the debate rather than all this incidental gossip. Wot a loada mountain outta molehill/fabrication. The links don’t work either.



I admire you sticking up for your sister but everything in this piece is 100% accurate so to use the word fabrication in your comment is not appropriate. You might apologise for that.

Your sister has 3 links to Labour:

1. She is your sister and you would acknowledge yourself that you are a Labour activist and LPC past and wannabe.

2. She gave Labour leader Tony Blair a very easy ride when she could have asked him some difficult questions.

3. She received £4,750 from the Labour Mayor.

All the links work, and always have done, although both the Times one and the Mayor’s Questions one are a bit slow to respond.

I will almost certainly report the debate later tonight.


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