Mayor Johnson

Abbot misses the mark

Media personality and part-time MP Dianne Abbot tabled an Early Day Motion last week saying:

That this House condemns the reference by the hon. Member for Henley of black people as `piccaninnies’, of Africans as having `water melon smiles’ and of African people that `left to their own devices, the natives would rely on nothing but the instant carbohydrate gratification of the plantain’; notes that the leader of the Conservative Party, the rt. hon. Member for Witney, has been asked by leading members of London’s black community to disassociate his party from these remarks and has refused to do so stating that the rt. hon. Member’s remarks have been `taken out of context and fail to properly represent what he has said in the past’; further notes that the hon. Member has never disputed the fact that he wrote these comments about black and African people; and believes that there is no context in which such remarks could be defensible or justified.

In doing this she confirms that she is happy to be another of the Mayor’s stooges. She forgets that Boris is not the only person to use the P word – see Darcus Howe in the New Statesman here.

So far this ringing denunciation of Boris Johnson has roused just one Labour MP to sign up – another dismal lefty, Andrew Dismore.

As well as being the hypocrite who sent her son to the (very high) fee-paying City of London Boy’s School Abbot is another Labour figure sullied by her association with the disgraced, convicted and disqualified Miranda Grell.

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