Ealing and Northfield

Public service announcement

Our rubbish and recycling collection days will be affected by the holdays so I have re-produced the table from the council’s website below. Follow this link to get the whole picture.

Usual collection day  Revised day
Monday 24 December Saturday 22 December
Tuesday 25 December Monday 24 December
Wednesday 26 December Thursday 27 December
Thursday 27 December Friday 28 December
Friday 28 December Saturday 29 December
Monday 31 December Monday 31 December (as normal)
Tuesday 1 January  Wednesday 2 January
Wednesday 2 January Thursday 3 January
Thursday 3 January  Friday 4 January
Friday 4 January  Saturday 5 January

The tricky bit is that Monday and Tuesday are earlier before Christmas and then Monday stays on the same day and Tuesday is a day later like all the other days after Christmas.

I have already got a card through my letterbox so it looks like the Ealing council comms people are doing their job – well done.

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