Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Quiet day in the Mayor’s office

I got an e-mail from the Mayor’s office this afternoon. It must be a quiet afternoon if they are browsing blogs. Sam Strudwick writes to say:

Dear Phil,

The Sun’s story on Friday was actually inaccurate. The car was in fact hired by LBC radio to take the Mayor to their studios. The Sun printed an apology in Saturday’s newspaper. You can read their apology here:

Yours sincerely,


I replied straight away to say that I would put things right. Hasn’t he (she?) got anything better to do?

Anyway the Sun story is wrong and they have apologised. Shame they couldn’t have chosen a more flattering picture of the Mayor with which to illustrate their apology.

I am very keen to keep this blog accurate so I too in turn apologise for re-printing the Sun’s inaccurate story.

The other stories here are all too accurate!

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