Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mandela costs Londoners half a million

Mandela statueThe Mayor used this graphic on 29th August to mark the unveiling of the Mandela statue in Parliament Square. I figured that I would write and find out how much it all cost. The Mayor’s reply (click to enlarge image below) arrived this morning dated 19th October. A seven week turn-around is a little poor but I am grateful anyway for the information.

It looks like Londoners paid £464,000 towards Nelson’s big day. The contrast with the Victorian generals Napier and Havelock whose statues in Trafalgar Square were raised by public subscription (see previous posting) does not look good. Livingstone easily has the charisma and authority to lead a campaign to raise the money for a statue to Nelson Mandela. It is a shame he thinks it is OK just to raid the public purse for every little boondongle he thinks is right. Why not ask the people?

Rather cheekily the Mayor asks Ealing for a donation. I will send the Mandela Statue Fund fifty quid. I am not sure many others will and I think the London precept payer can assume that the £219,000 ain’t coming back.

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