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Private equity driving flyposting

Alchemy Partners making a messYou might wonder why we keep getting flyposted by Bar 38 in Hammersmith (see photo taken yesterday of two Bar 38 posters taken yesterday at junction of South Ealing Road and Little Ealing Lane).

Private equity shops drive their businesses hard to make cash – why not? I have no problem with that until they think it is OK to mess our neighbourhood with flyposting to pull in the punters.

I visited Bar 38 twice in February to complain about this and again yesterday. I have taken down the posters and sent the photo to our envirocrime officer.

Jon MoultonThe Bar 38 chain of bars is currently part of the Tattershall Castle Group.

They in turn are owned by well-known private equity shop Alchemy Partners led by Jon Moulton pictured right. I have written to Moulton to ask him to stop this.

5 replies on “Private equity driving flyposting”

I have a better approach: I rip the posters down and throw them away. The ones from Rowans Bar are mounted on hardboard so make excellent leaf-boards when used in pairs for picking up swept leaves and grass clippings: re-use at its simplest and most direct!


Highly unlikely it is the bar organising the event, more likely an an outside promoter with very limited funds.
Try organising a scheme in the borough for local entertainment companies and promoters like this so they dont have to resort to such type of activity instead of spending a fortune on workforce preventing it.
Work together and generate income for both parties like they do in cities across the UK.


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