Ex-Mayor Livingstone Policing

Lvingstone not in control of police

The Mayor was commenting on crime at his press conference this morning (the crime part of the press conference starts about 19 minutes 5 seconds in). Livingstone managed to blame the media, the TV series 24 (which I have to say is a moral cesspit), the movie Kill Bill (ditto), Margaret Thatcher and John Major. See BBC coverage here.

The Mayor’s prescription was to put metal detectors into schools although he fully acknowledged that this was outside his powers.

The Mayor wasted no time explaining how the £3.2 billion we spend on the Met every year, who employ almost 50,000 people, could be better to spent to tackle crime more effectively. The Mayor is not going to get the Met off the sick. He is not going to break up its bureaucracy to get more officers on the street. He is not going to get bobbies patrolling on their own as they do outside London. He is not going to streamline the Met’s paperwork to get officers back on the street. He is not going to use more civilians to release warranted officers for frontline duties.

The Met costs £100,000 per warranted officer but our kids keep being killed by knives. The Mayor is talking about movies and politicians who have been out of power for 10 years. Clearly he does not have much influence over the police.

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