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DfT blowing £10 million on cartoons

£10 million worth
Like me you might have seen the recent ad campaign, with its cartoon engine on wheels character, from the Department for Transport and wondered what it all costs. The answer is £10 million according to an e-mail I just received. The campaign includes billboards, online, print and this website. An emetic “Show you care” box allows you to sign up for further information on the campaign. I asked the DfT how much it was all costing, what their objectives were and how their achievement of these objectives would be measured. I look forward to a long tussle in about six months to get sight of their post campaign impact research.

Dear Phil

Thank you for your email about the Act on CO2 campaign. The Department for Transport is investing £10m over the last fiscal year and the current one to support this campaign.

The campaign encourages the existing driving public to consider:-

  • purchasing a car with a more fuel efficient engine; and
  • the way they treat their engine when they drive.

Specific key peformance (sic) indicators, which will be measured in research, are:

  • To increase the number of new car buyers who identify the impact on the environment as one of the top 5 factors taken into account when choosing their next car; and
  • To increase the number of people who strongly disagree with the statement “the way a person drives has so little impact on the environment it is not worth worrying about.”

I hope this is helpful.

Regards etc

We should not be surprised by all of this as the government spent £321 million on advertising through the Central Office of Information in the 2005/6 financial year – something like three times what was spent before New Labour (see previous posting). The total for all state comms spending is more likely to be around the £1 billion mark.

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