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Local Labour MPs vote for £10K to spend communicating

Andrew Slaughter: Maybe this extra cash will stop me being crushed by Shaun BaileyOn Tuesday MPs debated a new communications allowance. Jack Straw is the Leader of the House and led the debate which saw MPs voting themselves a £10K a year comms allowance. This will allow them to spend £10K each telling us how great they are.

Piara Khabra: Maybe this cash will give Sonika a chanceI am happy to say that almost all the Tories voted against it although two did not: Quentin Davies and Bob Spink. What a couple of boobies? All the Labour MPs voted for except for two: Kelvin Hopkins and Lynne Jones. The LibDems were typically conflicted but some of the more sensible ones like David Laws and Chris Hune voted against.

Stephen Pound: Please pile up the cash over thereOur three local Labour MPs, Khabra, Pound and Slaughter, all voted for their extra cash. Shame on them.

Follow the link for the complete list of shame. Ayes bad. Noes good.

3 replies on “Local Labour MPs vote for £10K to spend communicating”

But, Cllr Taylor, you were on the list of shame that voted themselves whopping great pay rises as soon as they became councillors in 2006! At your 3rd council meeting, after hardly any time in office and certainly no time in which to merit a rise, you voted yourselves gigantic rises in which your leader,Cllr Stacey, deputy leader, Cllr Gibb and mayoress, Cllr Pagan pocketed an average 65% extra out of council tax-payers’ money. I’m afraid the shame and hypocrisy is all yours!



The allowances numbers are pretty defensible contrary to your florid language. In 2006/7 total spending on this was £908,600 up from £856,800 the year before, a rise of 6%. This is higher than inflation but is driven in the main by large rises for the three people that you mention who have taken on pretty much full-time roles.

All the councillors across all three parties have taken their allowances in full which may not be any comfort to you but the bottom line is that council tax only went up 1.9% this year so the administration would ask to be judged by its impact on you.



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