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No shit

Sorry about the Anglo-Saxon expression but it really is shit that a small minority of our residents think that it is OK to have a dog and not clear up after it. The picture below was taken in Junction Road on Saturday morning first thing.

Book him Danno

There have been persistent reports of dog fouling in Junction Road. Ricky Wright, the Northfield envirocrime protection officer, decided to prioritise this issue and put up a sign. This had a small effect but the problem remained. After visiting the area once with the Safer Neighbourhood Team and failing to make any progress Ricky literally decided to stake out the site every morning last week. He had to wait to Saturday to get a result.

The person concerned let their dog foul in plain sight and then managed to bag it but just chuck it in the street. A strange kind of half measure. Anyway they got an £80 littering fine for their (lack of) trouble. The fine would have been bigger if it had dog fouling.

As you can see from the photo the street was otherwise clean. No amount of expensive cleaning by the council can keep our streets looking good unless we change the behaviour of the small minority who mess the place up.

Some people may ask whether this was a good use of resources. For myself I am sure that it is. It is only by directly confronting poor behaviour that we can have an impact. Well done to the council and Ricky in particular.

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