Road pricing

Campaign secrets

I asked road pricing campaigner Peter Roberts for the secret of his success. See his response below:

I started the petition on Nov 20th last year and sent an e-mail to 29 friends asking them to sign it and forward to all their contacts. I also went to all the forums I could find with an interest in motoring or driving and placed a link. This was only about six or seven sites. Two weeks later it had over 10,000 signatures and was the number one petition. At this point, the ABD became interested and placed a link on their website which helped a little but the main growth was from people signing and forwarding the e-mail. So far, every day has seen an increase in the number of people signing with yesterday being the highest at 60,588. I am not sure if it can continue to grow like this, but it should reach 1 million by 20th Feb even if the daily number falls to 20,000.

Peter’s petition stands at 337,183 – over a third of a million. Wow! Please sign it.

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