Ealing and Northfield Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Good news on council tax

Writing in his weekly column today Ealing Council Leader, Jason Stacey, promises “to keep any increases as low as possible”.

One of the biggest risks to the council tax is the continuing greed and wastefulness of the London Mayor. As Jason says:

Whilst we will be showing restraint, we must remember that £288 of the council tax is totally out of the council’s control. This is the part that is determined by Ken Livingstone and the GLA. Last year Ken raised his part of the council tax by 13.5%, and he has more than doubled it since he became Mayor.

We will be doing everything we can to reduce the burden of any council tax increases for residents. I only hope Mayor Livingstone will show similar restraint!

Every time the Mayor tells you of some minor new freebie he is giving away just remember that in the seven years since the old regime started to be reformed to get ready for the London Mayor the precept has gone up 2.75 times.

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