Ealing and Northfield

Gazette now online

Ealing Gazette

The Ealing Gazette has joined the 21st century and gone on line. Well done! See link right.

I am not sure what their policy is with respect to keeping the online version up to-date. Today’s stories are not up on it yet.

They report that Andrew Slaughter is cutting and running from Ealing and going back to Hammersmith. He obviously does not fancy his chances of winning against Angie Bray in the new seat of Ealing Central and Acton. He won’t have much fun in the new Fulham and Chelsea seat where he will be up against the very successful Greg Hands.

2 replies on “Gazette now online”

I do not seem able to locate any art, design or cultural events. This is strange as I have just carried out a workshop at the Pitshanger gallery . Photos were taken of the show and related activities and I believe an article has appeared in the press written by one of your staff who was a participant during last week-end. Have i got the correct newspaper?

John McNorton


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