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Mayor tries to bury Tram survey

The Mayor’s latest Tram survey is not being published on the GLA/Mayor’s website because it gives the wrong answer.

According to an Ealing Conservative Group press release issued today:

“A Mori survey commissioned by Ken Livingstone has confirmed that local opposition has hardened against the West London Tram in face of the Mayor’s determination to carry on regardless.

The survey, released today, shows that overall, 44% oppose the scheme along the route of the tram whilst 40% are in favour. However opposition is far deeper than this suggests when the details are studied:

  • In parts of the borough where the roads are particularly narrow, feeling is decisively against the tram. In West Ealing/ Hanwell 59% are opposed whilst 28% are in favour. In Ealing 58% are opposed, 28% are in favour. In Acton 48% are opposed, 34% are in favour.
  • The better the understanding the more likely residents are to oppose the scheme. Of those with a ‘good’ understanding of the scheme, 67% are opposed, of those with a ‘general’ understanding, 51% oppose, whilst those with a ‘limited’ understanding of the tram only 31% oppose.
  • 78% think the tram will cause too much disruption whilst the building work takes place.
  • 57% are not convinced that it will improve transport in the area.
  • 74% were less favourable to the scheme when told that some traffic would have to be diverted from Uxbridge Road to neighbouring roads.”

How typical of the Mayor to spend thousands of our money on a survey and then bury the results because they are not what he wants to hear.

One reply on “Mayor tries to bury Tram survey”

At today’s press conference Livingstone was asked if this meant the scheme should be abandoned. The Mayor replied that he would press on regardless of public opinion. Looks like this tram will be drawn by a steamroller with Livingstone in the driving seat…


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