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CC ads cost more than whole Tory election campaign

The biggest spender on advertsing during the last general election campaign was the Tory party. It spent £8.2 million. They do this every four or five years to try to persuade the whole country to vote for them. Whatever you think about the Tories’ donors most of this cash comes from little people paying their subs. I’m one of them. £50 a year. See the Electoral Commission website.

CC in LondonerA couple of weeks ago the Evening Standard reported that the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, was going to spit in our faces by spending £8.7 million on telling us about his unwanted extension to the Congestion Charge, an extension that will probably ensure that no surplus is generated from the stupid tax for many years. I did not really take the information in. This weekend I saw a billboard in South Ealing Road, a TV advert and a double page spread in the Londoner. It is fully four months until this change comes into force yet Livingstone is using £8.7 million of our cash to ram his scheme down our throats.

3 replies on “CC ads cost more than whole Tory election campaign”

Isn’t this one of those cases of damned it you do, damned if you don’t?

If TfL doesn’t pay for blanket coverage some – including The Standard no doubt – will accuse them of sneaking the changes into effect in an attempt to catch the unaware.

If they do opt for the blanket coverage route they get attacked for spending public money on propanda.



Thanks for your comment.

I might accept that your point was reasonable if the budget was a well targeted £1 million say. The point I was making was that it is unreasonable to spend more than the entire Tory general election campaign budget to explain something relatively straightforward and very local.

Remember that it is not TfL that is paying for all of this ultimately, it is us poor precept payers. We all pay 2.75 times more in the 6 short years since the whole London region apparatus was set up. If your pay has increased that fast good for you. If we had that many more policemen I might buy it. But no, the increase has been spent on rubbish such as a £100 million ad budget for the Mayor.



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