Ealing and Northfield

South Ealing fire

A large part of the Northfield ward is out of bounds today due to a fire at a food outlet in South Ealing Road last night. This has caused pretty extensive road disruption but no casualties thankfully. A large exclusion/evacuation area was declared because of acetylene gas cylinders being found at the site. More details on the council’s website.

I approached the area along Pope’s Lane at around 2pm this afternoon. The police are letting traffic get right up to the tape and then directing you right into the Trees estate. This is really bad traffic management as it is going to send a lot of frustrated drivers racing around the estate trying to get out. I have called Ealing police station to be answered by someone in Hendon. The SNT team are also on voicemail. Hopefully the message will get through and they will start deflecting people a little earlier.

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