Ealing and Northfield High tax, low pay

Council tax part of high tax, low pay Britain


Today the Joseph Rowntree Foundation publishes a report that finds that two million households in England struggle to pay their council tax each year. The fact that three million summonses are issued each year for non-payment of council tax drove it to this conclusion. The report found that the majority of people having difficulties paying their council tax are working people on low incomes and in low-value housing. The report found that one in four households in band A (the least expensive properties) receives a summons, and one in seven in band B, but fewer than one in ten in bands E-H.

Council tax is therefore hitting the poor hardest. Council tax bills have doubled over the past decade, far outstripping wage increases. The Trust leaps from this analysis to say that lower council tax bands should pay less and higher ones more. No, we need to make sure that council tax stays under control so that we are all protected from out of control council tax rises. Ealing council will be doing its bit to ensure that Ealing people have sensible and small rises in future.

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