Communications disease Ex-Mayor Livingstone

July Londoner – same old, same old

The July edition of the Londoner plopped through my letter box today.

It is no surprise that Livingstone is against nuclear power. Apparently the headline “Londoners say no to nuclear power” follows from a MORI poll we have paid for. 45% oppose building new nuclear power stations. Maybe. They asked 1,006 people by phone and this is the answer they got. They don’t tell us the question! The poll is not published on the Mayor’s website so it is impossible to have much of an opinion about it. Certainly calling people at home during the day selects a pretty slanted sample.

The Rise anti-racism festival is another 80s throwback. With all the anti-stuff I feel 24 again when I read the Londoner. GLC deja vu. What a treat.

This £3 million a year fib fest is well down on advertising this month. No advertising at all this month from any organisation that has a choice about where it spends its advertising budget. Poor old Transport for London have to cough up for 3 whole pages. I bet their marketing department really hate the Londoner.

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