Ealing and Northfield

Thames Water roasted by the Council

Thames Water made the front page of the Evening Standard today and has been featuring prominently on TV and radio news (see BBC coverage) due to the contrast between its financial performance and its failure to meet targets for repairing leaks three years running.

In a timely debate last night the Council debated a Labour motion moved by Councillor Mahfouz which criticized Thames Water for its poor performance in respect to the ongoing saga of flooding in Acton. In another outbreak of cross-party consensus (which seems to be becoming the norm under the new Council) the motion was seconded by the Tories and supported by the Lib-Dems. It was passed unanimously. A long line of councillors lined up to throw metaphorical rocks at Thames Water.

The second debate of the evening discussed another Labour motion on street drinking moved by Councillor Dheer. Although Dheer’s motion was superseded by a sympathetic Tory motion the later was passed unanimously too.

The Lib-Dems raised ID cards. There was pretty widespread resentment across the Tory benches that the Lib-Dems were wasting our time with a national issue. The majority councillors, led by Jason Stacey, were not impressed with Lib-Dem councillors grandstanding and in particular were not impressed with the idea of wasting the Chief Executive’s time in writing letters to MPs on this subject. If the Lib-Dems have nothing to say about Ealing they might shut up. Labour councillors made half-hearted speeches defending ID cards. A Tory motion moved by Councillor Larmouth which criticised ID cards and recommended that the money would be better spent in other parts of the criminal justice system was passed although Labour voted against it.

Being the night of the England-Sweden match the press bench was empty. The councillors were given updates on the game throughout the course of the meeting by the mayor.

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