Ealing and Northfield

Conservatives winning here

The last 3 days has seen big efforts from the Northfield Conservative candidates to persuade the people of Northfield to vote for them. On Saturday and Sunday morning we delivered another leaflet to every home. This time we gave people a taste of what the local papers have been saying about Ealing council for the last couple of years. Not much of it good! On Sunday we got back to canvassing again, finishing off the last areas we have not got to so far. On Monday we started revisiting the people who were out last time we called.

I met our current Labour councillors on Carlyle Road on Saturday morning. They were talking to their own voters but were not knocking on all doors. We have been approaching all voters. Very few people are turning us away. Most Labour voters are miserable and happy to unload. A few are coming over to us but most seem to be intent on staying at home on Thursday. By Sunday the councillors were spotted in South Ealing Road about ready to give up because the response they were getting was so bad. No sign of the LibDems except for 3 or 4 of their bright orange signs saying that they are: “winning here”. Not likely.

On Tuesday night we were leafleting the tube stations at South Ealing and Northfield. This is experience slightly took the wind out of our sails. People in a hurry to get home don’t want to see yet another obstacle standing between them and their hearth. Maybe one in five took the leaflets with many muttering as they went past that we had their votes. I was impressed how polite and interested many people who you might think were not natural Tory voters were. Many new immigrants seem to be much less cynical about politics and happy to see local activists in their faces. Too many white, professional looking types were avoiding eye contact, tut-tutting and looking too important by far to engage with a mere candidate for the council.

Ealing Councillor David Scott was helping us canvas on Monday morning and Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough, was out canvassing on Tuesday evening. Thanks for your help.

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