Ealing and Northfield

Labour leader under threat

According to the Ealing Times yesterday, Labour council leader, Leonora Thomson, is under threat from one of her fellow Labour councillors, Lady Margaret ward councillor and ex-mayor Gurcharan Singh.

The Times points out that with two suspended councillors the woes of the ruling Labour group are multiplying. Councillor Joginder Saroe has been suspended in the expectation of a damning report from the Standards Board. Councillor Richard Porter resigned following an unpleasant re-selection battle.

I googled Singh just now and found that apart from being deputy mayor he has his own website. He has obviously gone to the trouble of registering a domain name to support his bid for power but otherwise “This site is currently under construction”. There is though a Labour logo and a photo of himself. If I were him I might make the photo a little smaller.

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