Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Londoner lies Part 3

The Mayor is required to report periodically to the GLA under Section 45 of the 1999 GLA Act. It is part of his duty to be accountable to the public. You can read these reports on the Mayor’s website but he is not quick to widely publish these even though he spends £3 million a year telling you inane rubbish like the location of old football grounds.

You might think that he could have published his latest report, dated 22nd March, in his April edition of the Londoner. But no, if he did that you might get bored because the Mayor thinks that Londoners have the same attention span as his newts.

Some of the detail you will find in his report include:

  • £24,000 for a risk assessment looking at the transportation of nuclear waste through London
  • £4,000 to Southwark Cathedral to defray their costs in objecting to a lap dancing club in Tooley Street
  • £74,000 for a capital waste facts website
  • £50,000 to the Black Londoners Forum
  • £180,000 to the National Assembly Against Racism

He might think these are good uses for our money but we might not. Either way he does not want to give us the information so that we can have a debate.

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