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Met still over-claiming and under-delivering

I think that the Met may have some problems with the Advertising Standards Authority. In today’s Ealing & Acton Gazette there was an ad from Safer Ealing Partnership pointing to the Safer Neighbourhoods part of the Met Police website. There was also a full page Safer Neighbourhoods ad from the Met and the Mayor (part of a £300K campaign). Unfortunately the website shows 11 out of 23 wards without the promised teams of four. The Mayor and the Met have been quick to advertise these teams before they are in place (this is the 5th full page ad I have seen in the Gazette). They are not so quick to deliver the service. The Mayor is now taking 2.75 times as much from us compared to before he came to power. Shame he is not delivering the service promised. A commercial organisation would pretty quickly be told by the ASA that they should stop their adverts until the service was available as advertised.

One reply on “Met still over-claiming and under-delivering”

[…] Blair/Livingstone’s one bankable achievement in policing London has been the roll out of Safer Neighbourhood Teams. As Brian Coleman pointed out in the Independent on Sunday the highly political Blair did not baulk about rolling these teams out to coincide with the May 2006 local elections and taking part in a totally integrated comms exercise that included press advertising, to the tune of £300K paid for by the Met, but also all Labour council candidates’ election literature. See previous posting. […]


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