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Sahota throws his Dad under the bus – not the one driven by Sadiq Kahn’s Dad

To throw someone under the bus is an American expression that my wife uses quite often. It seems that Labour AM Onkar Sahota is quite happy to throw his Dad under the bus in his attempts to appear prolier than thou.

Only this week the Gazette has published some standard blurb from Sahota that describes his old man as “a maintenance worker” for British Airways. But also this week Sahota demoted his Dad to “aircraft cleaner” when he was trying to defend himself over his conduct regarding the 42 Lower Boston Road site. In the process he dragged Sadiq Khan’s name (and his bus conductor Dad) into the mud. I don’t suppose that Khan is too impressed with sinking Sahota trying to rope himself to Kahn’s own reputation.

Labour Party members should be proud of the fact that the son of an aircraft cleaner became a doctor and had the social conscience to work only for the NHS or that a son of a bus conductor can become Mayor of London.

Khan has been at pains to be transparent about his financial affairs publishing this account of his financial affairs in February.

Khan's numbers

A similar level of transparency from Sahota would reveal a £1.4 million doctoring business, a £5 million property portfolio comprising at least 11 properties and three children put through expensive West London private schools. How many doctors get this wealthy “working only for the NHS”?

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