Ealing and Northfield

Sahota says I am smearing him but has no defence

London Assembly Member Onkar Sahota has refuted the piece I did on my blog last week. Speaking to Sahota says:

Sahota speaks the truth

In his short statement he complains that I am smearing him but then totally fails to defend himself from the charge I made. Sahota did lie about owning this land, in writing and has been caught red handed.

In May it will be the tenth anniversary of Sahota buying the St Mark’s land. Hilariously he tries to blame the Tories for the fact that the only thing that happened in the 4 Labour years when he first bought this land was that Sahota demolished the existing buildings. Either Sahota is incompetent or he is landbanking, hoping that if he waits long enough he will get change of use and be able to make a lot more money than if the council buys the land back and puts it to public use.

Message from the Director

Sahota styles himself as a “local GP”. He is funny. Sahota is the sole owner of a large GP business with a £1.4 million turnover. He likes to refer to himself at work as “the Director”. This phrase is at least accurate as he is the 100% owner of the business. Sahota owns a £5 million property portfolio comprising at least 11 properties that I have identified so far. This “local GP” has put three children through elite private schools. Nice work if you can get it. Are all of our “local GPs” so wealthy?

One reply on “Sahota says I am smearing him but has no defence”

That’s hilarious. Doesn’t he care at all about the children at St. Mark’s school? Some of them are his patients. Can we know the difference between the amount the Council can pay and the amount he is demanding? Profit before people. Thats the Sahota way.


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