Ealing and Northfield

The leftwing extremists who dominate Ealing’s union scene


Tonight Acton Labour councillor Mik Sabiers seemed pleased that the council had passed a motion decrying the government’s trade union bill and seeking “to continue its own locally agreed industrial relations strategy and good relations with our workforce and their representatives”.

Although Sabiers himself claims to not have anything to do with the Socialist Workers Party the union activists in Ealing he aligns himself with certainly do.

Stefan SimmsI have written about the SWP cell that runs Ealing NUT before. The current incumbent is Stefan Simms who made his name complaining about military recruitment: TES, Daily Mail. He said:

I would be gutted after years of putting time and professional effort into the students I teach, helping their education and preparing them for adult life, to find out that some have said ‘I decided to join the Army’.

Of course as a fulltime officer of the NUT on facility time Simms does precious little teaching nowadays.

New and Turner

The Ealing Trades Union Council (ETUC) is run by a double act.

Oliver New (right, holding megaphone), President of ETUC, helped to organise the spitting mob that attended the Conservative Party conference this year. He is also active in Left Unity, which fielded candidates against Labour at the last election. He is their trade union officer. His election manifesto said (among other things):

Last year UK workers had twice as many days on strike as the year before.

Although most union members and workers are understandably desperate to see the defeat of the current Government, we need to continue to highlight the relationship between Labour and big business, the consequent incapability of Labour to support workers’ struggles and the need to build a left alternative.

I come from South Wales and now live in Southall, West London, where I have been at the heart of many community campaigns. I’m proud to chair Ealing Trades Council, with its history of militant community organising.

After being blacklisted in engineering I became a Tube Driver and RMT activist. I’ve helped organise many disputes and strikes on London Underground as well as supporting the self organisation and struggles of cleaners and other contracted workers. I have been a Rep and both Chair and Secretary of the RMT London Transport Region and a member of the national RMT Executive.

The secretary of Ealing Trades Union Council is Eve Turner (left, speaking into microphone). She has stood as a member of the Left Unity national council. Her election address stated:

I am really excited to be part of Left Unity and want to do everything I can to help to build it as a political alternative to Labour, which has consistently betrayed the working class, the poor and the oppressed.

I am not a member of any other parties or any tendency but have been in other left groups in the past. I even had the dubious pleasure of being Chair of our local Constituency Labour Party for a number of years and was involved in elections both for Labour and for socialist and community campaigns.

I am currently Secretary of Ealing Trades Council which we have established as a militant community campaigning organisation and I’m convenor of our local Save our NHS campaign fighting to save our local hospitals from being trashed.

I live in Southall. I am Membership Secretary of West London Left Unity and was recently elected to represent my branch on the London Regional Committee.

Back in 2001 both New and Turner were part of the Socialist Alliance, essentially a SWP project that predated their attempt to use the Respect Party as a tool to further their agenda.

Anyway, these are some of the unionists that the Ealing Labour party think they need to keep onside.

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