Ealing and Northfield

What was Southall MP Sharma doing in Cape Town last week?

Greg-Lumley Cape Town

Last week when Southall MP Virendra Sharma was being paid to turn up and vote in our Parliament he was off on a jolly in Cape Town.

I say jolly because I cannot imagine how he was doing anything useful at the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health. The conference involved a “five-day scientific programme” from 2nd to 6th December. I know that Sharma does have an interest in TB which affects his constituency more than most but does he really need to be at a scientific conference that just happens to be in Cape Town? Was there a political/governmental stream to the conference? MPs are often very bright and hardworking but are scientific conferences the place where they are most effective? Especially when Parliament is sitting – it is not as if there are not enough recesses (holidays to you and I).

He had to admit to being absent to Ealing Today as the Syria vote was so high profile but would he have talked about it otherwise? He uses Twitter, facebook (not updated since March 30th) and his own website (latest story 9th November) but all three fail to explain what important work he was doing in Cape Town that caused him to be absent from his day job. Maybe he will explain himself? Don’t hold your breath waiting for accountability from this man.

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