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How will Ealing’s three Labour MPs vote today?

Today will see a debate and vote on a motion on extending airstrikes to Syria against ISIL. How will Ealing’s three Labour MPs vote today? I went looking for clues online.

Rupa Huq, Ealing Central and Acton has a website but it is out of date and very thinly populated. There is one piece from 15th November asnd then the next piece is dated 21st July. Although it has a picture of her with someone else’s bicycle it makes no reference to Syria.

On facebook and Twitter Huq reports that she has come out against. The fact that Huq has “pinned” this tweet so that it stays at the top of her page indicates that she wants people to know where she stands.


Been on BBC News 24 to voice my opposition to the UK bombing Syria – caption slightly unfortunate though!

Posted by Dr Rupa Huq for Ealing Central and Acton on Saturday, November 28, 2015

At least Huq is being clear. She is, ultimately, an intellectual, and I am sure she can find lots of reasons for doing nothing and back them up with high minded arguments. Thankfully intellectuals do not rule us, otherwise we would be slaves.

Sharma on Daesh

Apart from showing how right on he is by using the Arabic version of ISIL Virendra Sharma has not said anything beyond that Paris was bad. Otherwise he is silent. Nothing appears online to give you any clue as to what he thinks. As he is usually a Labour loyalist I guess he will follow Corbyn’s line although he might be confused currently as to what a Labour loyalist should do. We won’t get anything but banalities from Sharma if he does make any kind of statement.

Stephen Pound is equally inscrutable as Sharma on this subject. The guy is totally capable of sounding off but he too often uses his great skills for comic effect only. His website says nothing about Syria and he doesn’t do the social media stuff. Pound probably hasn’t got much to lose if he does vote against Corbyn’s line – let’s see if he has it in him. Otherwise we will have three Noes I suspect.

One reply on “How will Ealing’s three Labour MPs vote today?”

I do wish that the media would call this loose federation of religious zealots by its real name which is Islamic State (IS) and not ISIL or ISIS which are politically correct names coined by spin doctors and the BBC. I am also tired of hearing the term Islamist which implies someone who is an expert in the practice of Islam and not a terrorist.


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