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The Ealing jobs miracle – unemployment falls below 5,000 – half what it was

Unemployment in the London Borough of Ealing, as measured by the claimant count, has fallen below 5,000 for the first time since June 2008.

NOMIS All October 2015

Ealing’s unemployment peaked at 9,580 in September 2009 as the post credit crunch recession worked its way through the economy. Since then unemployment overall in Ealing has halved and fell below 5,000 to 4,910 in September. This is the first time Ealing’s claimant count has been below 5,000 since June 2008 when it was 4,950.

If you want to see where the data comes from all you have to do is go to the ONS’s nomis database.

Expect to hear much rejoicing from our three local Labour MPs and the Labour council leader. Or not maybe.

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