Ealing and Northfield

Labour shifts left, Sahota bows dutifully

Local property magnate, health entrepreneur and part-time politician Onkar Sahota has quickly got on board with Labour’s suicidal lurch to the left. You would expect anyone as commercially minded as Sahota to be on the right of the Labour party and that was reflected in his choices in the recently concluded round of Labour party internal elections.

He backed Yvette Cooper for the leadership and Tessa Jowell for the London mayoralty.



Nothing if not flexible, Sahota has been quick to accept the new reality.



2 replies on “Labour shifts left, Sahota bows dutifully”

It is interesting that Onkar Sahota backed Yvette Cooper who was responsible for the creation of the ATOS/Work Capability Assessment (WAC) debacle in the last Labour Government that has lead to the death of many ill and disabled people not to mention the extra income that that many clininians have reaped the benefit of by doing casual work as assessors for the ATOS interviews. It would be intereting to know how many of the entrepreneurial clinicians associated with Sahota’s GP megapractice, etc., are employed by ATOS on the side, and whether Dr Sahota has worked for ATOS?



When OS seeks the constituency currently held by VS, we should remember the slippery somersaults of OS.

What would he do with the red button?


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