Ealing and Northfield

Ealing Labour flaunts its zero hours hypocrisy on the Vale Estate today

Labour Party’s sense of ownership of places like the Vale Estate on Acton Vale is a thing of wonder. I just wish Labour politicians were as keen to put the place right as they are to march up and down with their silly posters.

Labour ZHC on Vale

Today they were larking around with this poster van paid for by the unions who are funding the last days of Labour’s election campaign on a massive scale.

You can judge the facts of zero hours contracts from this piece by Full Fact.

The thing that Cllr Peter Mason (who was the office manager of Labour’s 2010 general election and 2012 mayoral campaigns in Ealing) and Ealing Central and Acton candidate Rupa Huq aren’t telling the people on the Vale Estate is that after five years of a Labour council it is employing 303 people on ZHCs.

Labour’s casual hypocrisy is quite stunning. Four legs good, two legs better.

When this was all in the news in August 2013 this is what officers told us was the situation in Ealing.

Ealing Council zero hours

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