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Rupa Huq is inauthentic

Rupa with bikeI noticed a tweet today from the Labour candidate for the Ealing Central & Acton constituency Rupa Huq offering some pledges. Ah! I thought. Some meat to get into at last. I will get back to her pledges but the first thing I noticed about her website was the photo showing Rupa with a bike at the Bike Hub at Ealing Broadway. I have often bumped into Rupa and I have never seen her on a bike. This does not make her a bad person. I have an old Holdsworth racer that I use rarely when the weather is fine. It doesn’t really make me a cyclist – or a bad person that I don’t cycle much. When I saw the photo of Rupa with a bike my first impression was “fake”.

When I looked again and saw it was a huge, fancy road bike with those lay downy elbow support things I knew it was a posed picture with someone else’s bike. At least when council leader Julian Bell and Labour transport spokesman Bassam Mahfouz endlessly pose on their bikes you know they do actually cycle regularly.

There is something inauthentic about Rupa. She keeps telling little lies.

One of her favourite ones, repeated only this week is that she has had any role in local politics. She spent one year as Deputy Mayoress to Labour Councillor John Gallagher in 2010/11. John didn’t have a partner so Rupa was his official wife for the year. This role involved riding around in the Mayor’s car and eating vol au vents at official functions. Rupa wants people to think she has played a substantive role in local politics. She hasn’t. She is fibbing.

If you want to read something really embarrassing about this period in her life read this in the Guardian. Please!

Rupa keeps missing out information about her schooling. She is up front about going to Montpelier Primary School but keeps missing out the elite Notting Hill and Ealing High School in her CV. Maybe leave out both or discuss both but to mention one and not the other is to seek to deceive.

Her third fib is the whole Dr Huq thing. Sure she has a doctorate and she is a bright woman no doubt. But, if you are going to talk about the NHS as your main campaign theme and call yourself Dr, then you invite people to make an assumption about you that simply isn’t true.

Yes, Rupa is a local woman and capable I am sure but she comes across as being inauthentic.

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Fair play for responding.

I was only going on what I have seen. The photo definitely shows someone in a suit with a huge racer. It wasn’t your bike.



Phil, this article really does come across as a very spiteful one. Is the most important issue to our local community whether a constituency candidate rides a bicycle or not, or whether she went to one local school or three local schools? The way it comes across – and I saw this with Hammersmith Tories on local NHS issues, as well as at national level with Ed Miliband, is that when an opposition candidate or policy is put out in the open, that all Tories seem to do is to push their energies into trying to personalise the issue. To quote Margaret Thatcher: “if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left”. I’m not a member of any political party, and never will be, but these sort of attacks just come across as playground bullying, and when it comes down to who represents our constituency post-May, I don’t really want a party that regularly employs those sort of low tactics. The Conservatives really have to change and get away from this sort of politics, because so much of it seems to be about attacking at a personal level, rather than just representing their own policies.



I am not sure “very spiteful” is a fair comment. It is a very factual and nailed down piece.

The picture is misjudged. You are not telling me that is her bike are you? The whole Deputy Mayoress thing is using a year free loading to free load on the backs of people who serve for 4 years having been elected. Maybe as an ex-councillor I am not objective about this. She has started being more frank about her schooling since she has been called out on it. Why do you think she calls herself Dr? Is it amore propre?

I really do think that Rupa would be stronger candidate if she was more direct and straightforward. The reason she doesn’t look comfortable in that picture is that she isn’t comfortable! Posing with someone else’s bike is just awkward.

Blogs are not a place for laying out policy (which isn’t my place anyway as a lowly Conservative supporter). I use this blog to research and highlight stats that interest me and to make points that I think might interest other people.

I have been meaning to comment on Rupa’s very weak “Pledges”. As you want policy I will do some policy tomorrow morning!


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