Ealing and Northfield

Lackadaisical Greens leave Ealing to lie fallow

Green hot spots

According to academic Robert Ford of University of Manchester the Ealing Central and Acton constituency is the most fertile ground in the whole country for the Green Party. Ford has analysed data from a database called Mosaic to look at left leaning constituencies where disillusioned Labour voters could flip to the Greens. He reckons that in Ealing Central and Acton 25.4% could be minded to vote Green if the left becomes disillusioned with Labour.

This is not such a far out notion if you look at how many people voted Green in the local elections last May. If you go through the results you will see that 15.6% of voters in the constituency voted at least once for a Green candidate.

It is surprising therefore that the Greens in Ealing have not yet identified a candidate for the general election. If the Greens are going to be this lackadaisical they won’t be making any ripples in Ealing in May.

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