Ealing and Northfield

Silent Sharma is useless

I figured I had barely heard from Ealing Southall Labour MP, Virendra Sharma, recently so when I saw that the local Labour types had wheeled him out for a rare trip across the River Brent today I thought I might check up on him.

The website keep track of what MPs do. According to them Sharma has only spoken in 9 debates in the last year which is well below average amongst MPs.

If you look at the list of things he has spoken in three of the nine topics were Kashmir, Tamils and the Golden Temple. So a third of his paltry output was a bit specialist for most people.

The equivalent numbers for the other two Ealing MPs are 27 for Angie Bray and 37 for Stephen Pound. The difference between these two is accounted for by Pound’s role as Shadow Minister, Northern Ireland, compared to Bray being a back bencher. Bray managed to speak 3 times more than Sharma and Pound 4 times more.

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