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Onkar Sahota will get an early visit from CQC

20141118_231254Today the Daily Mail went over the top with its front page. The CQC’s risk based approach to doing assessments of GP’s surgeries seems sound and it is good they are being transparent and publishing the whole thing. The Daily Mail should have covered it more objectively.

I wasn’t impressed when I heard chairman of the BMA’s GP committee, Chaand Nagpaul, complaining on the BBC Today programme this morning that the data should have been kept secret. In the public services we have too many highly paid people keeping data out of sight. Believe me after 8 years of being a local councillor I have seen it too often. Nagpaul’s Twitter account is headed with the phrase “The NHS is a revered public service not a shopping mall.”

Reverence isn’t very 21st century. Transparency is.

The whole thing did make me ask though – how is Onkar Sahota’s business doing? Sahota is the sole shareholder of Healthcare 360 Limited which owns three GP’s practices. Privatisation isn’t a dirty word for Dr Sahota. One of Onkar Sahota’s practices is going to get a visit soon having been rated 1 (ie highest risk). None of the three practices got the lowest rating (6).

Greenford Avenue Family Health Practice

Rated 1 (most risky)

Potentially not identifying enough Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, not doing enough flu jabs, not nagging smokers enough and a poor result in their patient survey.

Somerset Family Practice

Rated 3 (risky)

Potentially not identifying enough Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary at a level that CQC consider to be an “elevated risk”. Only 29% of patients reporting that it is easy to get through to the surgery on the phone.

Hanwell Health Centre

Rated 5

Potentially not identifying enough Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and dementia.

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