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More bent data from the Fabians

The left keeps up its deluge of bent data. I saw this from the Fabian Society today. One look told me it was nonsense. I wondered why they chose those data points – 1997 and 2012.

Fabian affordable homes graphic

The 1997 point was chosen because it is the earliest date in the reference data provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government. I guess 2012 was the latest data available – since superseded. The 2012 number on the chart is now out of date. What happened in between?

Ratio of median house price to median earnings

So according to the Fabians housing affordability wasn’t much of a problem as the ratio doubled from 3.54 in 1997 to 7.23 in 2007 under Labour. It climbed every year for ten years and peaked in 2007. But, it has been stable and below the level inherited from the Labour government for the last three years and it is a big problem now? Really?

3 replies on “More bent data from the Fabians”

I don’t care which government is to blame, it certainly feels to me like housing affordability is a big problem. A recent Evening Standard survey found that most Londoners thought the cost of housing is the worst thing about living here. Stable or not, the generation after you is struggling.



I am lucky I know to have been able to buy a home when multiples were not so silly.

Given where our population is and the likelihood that it will grow further, especially in London which is the only world city in Europe and is also the most open and economically attractive city in all Europe, our first response must be to build more homes.

Again Labour can be blamed for presiding over the worst ten years for social house building in the UK and a crash which led to a slump in private house building.

You say you don’t care which government is to blame but you don’t seem to resent the Labour’s refusal to acknowledge its awful record in government.


It’s a rare government that admits when it makes mistakes. Some blame Thatcher’s ‘Right to Buy’ policy for the shortage in council housing now.

Whoever is to blame for past mistakes, the best thing to do for those with power in their hands is admit there’s a problem now and get on with rectifying it.


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