Ealing and Northfield

The Conservatives will freeze all parking charges for four years

Pledge 4 - wide

For three years running Labour has increased parking charges in the borough. This year, election year, they have given us a year off. For four years the previous Conservative administration froze these charges. The Labour administration has set out to double its income from these charges as a part of its efforts to add £10 million a year to the fees and charges it collects from the public.

Parking permits in the 2/3 hours zones are £50. For four years they were £25. They have doubled (100% increase).

Parking permits in the all day zones are £80. For four years they were £45. Again they have almost doubled (78% increase).

Hourly visitors’ vouchers in the 2/3 hour zones have gone up 50%. They were 40p for four years. Now they are 60p.

It is a lot worse in the all day zones. They used to get 3 hours for 40p. Now it is 60p an hour. A 350% increase. The all day visitor’s vouchers were £1 for four years. They have gone up 350% to £4.50. We intend to do something about this particularly egregious rise but more on that another day.

These charges far exceed the cost of administering and policing the controlled parking zones. By the time the council has finished it will have at least doubled its income from these charges. In just the first year of Labour’s rises income from parking charges rose 43%.

Interestingly Labour is calling our pledges “costly promises”. If they reckon that freezing these charges after they have been ramped so steeply is “costly” I can only imagine that they intend to double parking income again in the next four years if they get back in.

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2 replies on “The Conservatives will freeze all parking charges for four years”

I too have received one of these tickets and so has my daughter. We were also sitting in the drivers seats of our cars with the engines still running while dropping items off to a local business.The whole set up seems bizarre to us is it legal to have somebody lying in wait to take a photo of somebody sat waiting in their car with the engine still running? Has anybody experience of ignoring these fines’? Please advise the outcome?


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