Ealing and Northfield

Labour’s cleaning record is clear – it failed

Pledge 1 - wide

Local Conservatives have put cleaning at the top of our pledge card. This is the issue most commonly raised with us on the doorstep. We cleaned up the Borough in 2006 and now we need to clean up the Borough again.

Labour pledge card - cleanerMeanwhile the fourth pledge on Ealing Labour’s flimsy pledge card is “We will make Ealing cleaner”. Labour knows that cleaning is an issue or it would not have included this pledge on the card. They really shouldn’t have to make this promise. In 2010 they inherited a clean borough. Cleaning worked.

Since Labour appointed Enterprise to take over the cleaning contract two years ago in April 2012 cleaning has been broken. It has been broken for two years and is still not fixed.

Street cleaning two years

The facts are clear. In the last full year before the previous contractor May Gurney gave up the contract they achieved a first time cleaning rate to the required standard of 88% on average. You might have expected them to slacken off at some point knowing that they had lost the contract, but no, they did a great job until the end.

Amey/Enterprise has on average, over two years, across the whole borough left 29% of the Borough’s streets unacceptably dirty. After two years they are just shy of the level consistently achieved by their predecessors and they are still nowhere near the required service level laid down in the contract.

The picture with missed collections has been equally dire.

Missed collections two years

In the year before May Gurney lost the contract they managed to get missed collections down to an average of 972 per month. The average over the last two years has been 3,617, almost 4 times as many. Amey/Enterprise has never been able to get missed collections below 2,000 per month. Over two years an additional 60,000 calls have been made to the council to report missed collections. To this day when you dial the council’s help desk you still get an autoresponder that says “Press 1 for a missed collection”.

The Conservatives know how to clean up the Borough. We did it before. When we took over in 2006 Ealing wasn’t just dirty – it was the dirtiest London borough.

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