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Labour cheating again

Labour leaflet abusing SOHThe Ealing Labour party is prepared to lie and cheat to keep power in Ealing.

They have just launched a new leaflet that uses imagery paid for by the council as a part of the cross party campaign against A&E closures in the Borough.

The banner shown here was produced at public expense. The graphics are all owned by LBE. How did the Labour party get hold of this banner for their purely political photoshoot? They really should have known better. They really do not care if they misuse public property as a part of their campaign. The people behind the banner are a Labour GLA assembly member, two MPs and the leader of the council. They know they are cheating and they just don’t care.

Labour needs to stop cheating. The leaflet is a pack of lies to but more on that later.

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4 replies on “Labour cheating again”

This is the sort of yahboo low life way of electioneering. One feels defiled.

All parties do it, but the instantaneous reaction here is ugggh.



I am sorry but the banner Labour are using for the picture on this leaflet is public property and part of a cross party campaign that we all worked very hard on. They have essentially hijacked a joint enterprise, that led to the Secretary of State requiring NHS NWL to retain A&Es at Charing Cross and Ealing.

Labour had no right to use the banner. They know they are cheating.

You will not be able to point to a similar abuse by local Tories because it hasn’t happened.

When I have some time I will present evidence on how Labour are misusing schools in the same way.


Should have been more precise.

I felt defiled by the Labour leaflet.

Has Millybean said he will save Ealing Hospital? No. The leaflet is SharmaBellhota exPounded hot air!

BTW what will the Conservatives do with the libraries and parks? Do I think you lot have gone very quiet on these two issues?



On libraries our manifesto says:

We will keep all our current libraries open.

We felt we had to say this after Labour’s very stupid consultation exercise in 2011 which did result in them closing the mobile library service. We were asked repeatedly when we were in power in 2006-2010 by officers to close libraries and we always said no. The answer will be no in future too.

There isn’t an equivalent statement about parks because there doesn’t need to be. We had a great record in power and the work currently being done in Walpole Park was kicked off by us (like most of the projects the Labour administration is bragging about).

There is limited cash to go around. Our philosophy is quite simple: whilst there is limited capital to spend we will prioritise the roads and parks that people use everyday day rather than remote council buildings and car parks. The renovation of Ealing Town Hall and the gold platting of the roads and pavements around it and the spending of £2.5 million on a car park in Southall that is barely used are examples of what we would not do.


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