Ealing and Northfield

Your road not clean enough? Just make the call

Currently across the whole borough 30% of our streets are not clean enough after the first clean. That is 30% on average for the last 22 months since the contract started in April 2012. There are also something like 4,000 missed collections a month. Every month for 22 months across the whole borough.

On Saturday I was canvassing in Willcott Road in Acton. A lady at the top end complained about repeated missed collections. A young man at the other end had the same complaint. I told them both the same thing. Obviously I would report it but it is only when the council gets a few complaints from residents that they do anything about it. No complaint, no problem.

Last week I enjoyed this piece from Sue Bourne on the website. She said:

The one thing that does annoy me is that when the bin men come round our street – or actually any of the local streets – they leave it looking filthy.. like the third world. So because the bin men patently dont give a stuff about our rubbish and leave it strewn everywhere I don’t think it encourages anyone else to care about keeping the streets clean .. it such a shame.

Again. If no-one reports it, nothing will happen.

If your road is not cleaned to a high standard. If a collection is missed. If recycling containers are thrown around. If the binmen leave a spillage and don’t clean it up. Complain. Call 020 8825 6000 and report it. It is slightly painful and long winded but a supervisor really will talk to the crew and they will most likely improve.

Just make the call.

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