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Thank Boris, Millican and Mahfouz for the new roundabouts

ChurchroadroundaboutIn his customary first person way Labour’s Cllr Bassam Mahfouz has been trying to take credit for the continuing progress that the Borough is making in improving our roads. Of course none of this would be possible without the work of the previous Conservative administration in Ealing nor the finance provided by TfL as directed by Conservative London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

All of the big road projects in Ealing, outside straightforward road resurfacing, are paid for by Transport for London (TfL) Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding. London Mayor, Boris Johnson, was elected in 2008 on a platform of “Getting Londoners Moving”. Part of Boris’s vision was to get traffic moving by sweeping away unnecessary traffic lights. Johnson decreed that the boroughs should be given much more flexibility in how they spent this LIP funding. No borough was more enthusiastic about taking up this offer than Ealing under the then transport spokesman, David Millican (now Tory group leader). He led an extensive consultation exercise that led to a raft of proposals that included the roundabout outside Acton Town tube station and the one at the top of Argyle Road. This work was kicked off in early 2009.

Not every scheme was taken forward but the experience gained and the LIP flexibility offered by the Mayor has ensured that the current wave of new roundabouts, at Church Road, at Atlas Road and on Acton High Street, can go ahead.

Before 2008 in London and 2006 in Ealing the transport authorities were locked in an anti-car dogma that not only slowed traffic down but did nothing for safety. Conservatives in City Hall and the Town Hall have made big improvements in our borough’s roads. It is good to see that Cllr Mahfouz is taking them forward temporarily. We will be happy to take up the baton again in May.

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While both Labour and Conservative have been claiming that this is a step forward its implementation process has been significantly lacking. Weeks on end of no temporary traffic lights, pedestrians having to fend for themselves across a busy junction with no zebra crossing or lights, a closed bus stop with no information about where the next one is to be found, a long hike to the next temporary bus stop and seemingly no accountability from either the council or TFL itself. The council, TFL, and Councillor Mahfouz have hardly implemented an appropriate level of resposibility of care for those that they profess to represent and/or serve.
Why cannot the roundabout and crossings have been put in a single week rather than other several weeks (with about of week of actual construction time) spread across “tea breaks” spanning several days at a time with no contractor activity and pedestrians having to play “chicken” when crossing the road there?



You make a good point. The implementation of the Acton High Street roundabout has been similarly drawn out with little obvious thought about pedestrians through the process.

You see a similar thing in Walpole Park where the programme seems to be very long.

I think the problem is that the officers always look for lowest cost without thinking through, or valuing, the usage of the asset to which access is being denied. It is no use shaving a few grand of your project if you deny a service for 2 extra months say.



This is just exactly where it is hoped that a Conservative administration would kick the relevant officers into doing a professional job instead of lives being put at risk.

Remember the recent nonsense at the Lido junction?

Hope the manifesto will offer more road repair works.


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