Ealing and Northfield

The big Labour lie machine comes to Acton

Labour January 2014 Acton

The Labour party is delivering this leaflet in Acton right now.

Most of what is written on the left of this card are statutory education duties that a Conservative administration would have been doing anyway. Nice of Labour to take credit for the Acton High School 6th Form which was kicked off on 2nd December 2008 by a Tory cabinet I was sitting on. The primary school expansion programme was also kicked off by the Conservatives and it was our group that decided that the primary school expansion programme should go forward with high quality buildings and no Portakabins in playgrounds. Most of the money for this programme has come from the government, not the council. We are pleased that Labour has carried on with this programme where we left off but it is pretty tacky to take credit for the whole thing.

Much of what happens in local government is uncontroversial. This kind of dividing lines nonsense is just another big Labour lie.

Looking at the right hand box, the local Tories also wholeheartedly approve of the Labour group freezing council tax for four years (like just about every other council in the country). It might be nice if Labour acknowledged the £20 million of council tax freeze grant it has pocketed from the government to pay for it in large part (which is why most other councils also did the same thing). We might have gone further but I am certain that we would not have put up the council tax at all at the very least.

The “Tories attack Acton families” logo shows you just who is the nasty, name calling party in this borough at least.

Actonians might wish to consider:

  • it was the Tories who kicked of the South Acton Estate regeneration
  • it was the Tories who kicked off the Town Hall and swimming baths refurbishment
  • it is the Tories who are supporting the Acton Arts Centre Project
  • it was the Tories (Boris Johnson) who put the Oak Tree mural on the Vale
  • it was the Tories (Boris Johnson) who put the ACTON sign on the railway bridge
  • it was the Tories (Angie Bray) who have taken the lead on getting the pollution associated with the Horn Lane good yard under control
  • it is the current Tory-led Coalition (as Labour loves to call it) that is getting on with Crossrail which will keep Acton linked in to a prosperous London.

On the other hand it was the Labour councillors on the planning committee, including East Acton’s very own Kate Crawford, who voted en bloc to push through the Oaks scheme in spite of the well argued planning points raised by the Conservative councillors.

It is a Labour council that is skimping on Acton’s roads and leaving them looking broken and dirty.

No-one is “attacking Acton families” although Actonians might rightfully conclude that they have 9 pretty useless Labour councillors who don’t seem to fight very hard for Acton and are led by a leader who lives in Acton but keeps dumping on it.

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