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Doing the needful again


Last night the council’s Property Strategy was due to be discussed at the council’s cabinet meeting. This title is code for selling council assets like day care centres to build three new offices for council staff in Acton, Greenford and Southall. In the event this element of the report was withdrawn without discussion:

To seek delegated authority to acquire 42 Lower Boston Road, Hanwell W7 2ND

It did seem to be out of place. It is a land acquisition to support the expansion of the adjacent St Mark’s primary school in Hanwell. Sure it is a property transaction but unrelated to the rest of the property strategy.

It is a matter of public record (go to Land Registry and pay £3) that this land is yet another part of Ealing’s GLA member, Onkar Sahota’s, extensive property empire, more here.

After council leader Julian Bell and Sahota’s dealing over his planning permission for Castlebar Road you might think that council would either be steering well clear of any transaction with Sahota or doing it in a totally transparent way.

It may well be that Onkar Sahota owns some land that St Mark’s needs. Given the history, the transaction cannot be waved through hidden on gold papers in an obscure corner of a cabinet report.

2 replies on “Doing the needful again”

Welcome back Mr Taylor!
Your absence in the “blogosphere” has been noticed. Your resurfacing post fails to disappoint with its excellent and incisive piece of investigation about Onkar Sahota’s property empire. I look forward to some news and views on your part about the council’s deal with the developers of Dickens Yard to swap their obligation to provide reduced cost starter flats against a cash payment to Ealing Council; due to be discussed at the last planning committee meeting we have been unable to find any report of what happened – has Ealing Council sold out or not?
And what is afoot with the Assyrian House development; I understand that the new plans include an extra entrance onto Little Ealing Lane which has never existed before through an alleyway which is privately owned and to which the Assyrian Centre has no access rights, not to mention through a continuous brick wall that has been there for a hundred years and which it does not own.


‘Do the needful’ is an instruction you would give to a subordinate in Asian culture. Sahota clearly regards Bell as his subordinate. As Bell still takes a salary off Sharma he is a subordinate of the Southall MP too. This is a clear conflict of interests and probably the explanation behind Bell spending public money on a wasteful Southall car park at time when the borough has much greater priorities. The previous council leader raised the leaders allowance to a full time time wage and gave up his other job. Bell’s greed to hold on to two wages shows where his priorities lie.


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