Ealing and Northfield

Labour’s ambition: A bit rubbish is better than a lot rubbish

Back in April last year when a new contractor, Enterprise, took over the Borough’s street cleaning contract it fell apart spectacularly. A year later and a larger group called Amey took over Enterprise on 8th April 2013. 17 months on and we are still not getting the service we should be getting.

Cleaning stats in August 2013

This graph shows the progress that Ealing has made with street cleaning over those 17 months.

In its last year of running the contract, even when it knew it had lost the re-tendering competition, May Gurney got 88% of our streets clean first time. Their contractual target was 90%. At this level our street cleaning wasn’t perfect but it was good. The Conservatives were glad that our legacy of a clean borough had been maintained.

Enterprise/Amey has had a very patchy record. After the initial bags-in-the-street crisis of last April the service went off at the the end of last year and again this spring. It has improved since its May nadir of 65% clean first time to 72% in August. On average over the first 17 months of the contract 30% of Ealing’s streets have been unacceptably dirty across the whole borough every month for 17 months.

The Enterprise contract requires the contractor to get at least 95% of streets grade A clean. The original concept of the contract was that this would happen on first clean. Instead Enterprise has consistently only managed 70%.

Missed collections August

There is a similar story with missed collections. May Gurney consistently got the number of missed collections down below 1,000 per month for the last year of its contract. Enterprise/Amey has averaged 4,000 missed collections per month over 17 months and has never got them below 2,000. That is a lot of phone calls from miserable residents that go like this:

To report a missed refuse or recycling collection press 1.

All of this leads me to question does the council really care about this? Has it concluded that a bit rubbish is better than a lot rubbish? Has Amey no interest in this contract? We certainly have not heard anymore about Cllr Mahfouz’s spot checks. Has he done any lately? If he has they haven’t achieved very much.

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