Ealing and Northfield

Today is the day

Gazette Front Page 16-8-2014

Today’s Gazette front page is a huge missed opportunity for our area. On the effective deadline for submissions to the Independent Review Panel that will decide the fate of our hospitals the leaders of the Save our Hospitals campaign are talking about the wrong subject.

In the front page headline the Gazette quotes council leader Julian Bell’s “body blow” phrase in respect of the judicial review that was refused this week. But this judicial review was always a side show. The main event is the Independent Review Panel. This reports to the Secretary of State on Friday 13th September, in four weeks time. There is not a hard deadline for making submissions to this process but the IRP themselves say:

We will try to take account of any evidence received for as long as we can up to report submission. But if people could get their evidence by Friday 16th August that would be very helpful.

The Gazette headline should have been “Act today to save your A&E”. Clearly Cllr Bell and Onkar Sahota were so excited about their hopeless JR that they forgot to keep their eyes on the ball and tell people to act today.

So, today is the day! The IRP is most likely to be influenced by large numbers of individual submissions from members of the public – you. Send an e-mail today to:

My own effort is below. You may think my language is tame. Fine, then do your own! Today is the day.

Dear sirs,

I am writing to ask you to look again at the Shaping a Healthier Future proposals for North West London (NWL). There are many good things in the plans but the final location of the proposed services results in a very unfair outcome for those living at the centre of the NWL area, especially in Ealing.

Most of the acute services that residents of my ward, Northfield, rely on will move far away under these proposals.
Instead of having a good-sized acute hospital on our doorstep we will have a large scale polyclinic and long journeys for anything more.

The solution that the NWL clinicians have come up with is simply unfair to Ealing residents.


Phil Taylor
Ward Councillor
Northfield Ward
London Borough of Ealing

One reply on “Today is the day”


Down grading the value of the”hopeless” JR initiative is not appropriate.
Are you showing your colours or those of the Ealing Conservative party as a whole? Election next year? Or have you lost an oar in the silly season?!?

The full JR apparently has not been lost here. Careful on your wording would be my advice.


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