Ealing and Northfield

Labour’s achievements strain credulity

Next Tuesday at full council we will have to spend a whole evening debating an update on the council’s Corporate Plan. In practice this will involve the opposition puncturing the Labour administration’s high opinion of itself.

There are lots of good things that the council does. In the nature of the council’s business they are quite mundane. The council takes 36 pages to enumerate its many “achievements”. There are a number that stand out as being somewhat overblown. My eye was first caught by this statement on page 26:

Worked constructively with Enterprise to deliver high performing refuse, recycling, cleaning and ground maintenance. Contract performance continues to improve, at board and contract management level, corrective and remedial actions are taken to ensure continuous improvement across all aspects of the service.

We know that in the first year of the Enterprise contract over 54,000 collections were missed and on average, over the whole year, only 70% of streets were cleaned right first time up to the required Grade A standard. 30% were unacceptably dirty.

I don’t really understand how council officers can sign off on reports that twist the truth so far.

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