Ealing and Northfield

Bell’s council tax freeze is paid for by £18 million of council tax freeze grants 1/4

Council Leader Cllr Bell has written a piece in the Gazette titled: “Protecting Ealing from ravages of the Tories”. His language is just silly.

He makes four points, the first of which is:

First is the council tax freeze – we have frozen council every year since we returned to power and we will freeze it again next year. We all know that we are facing tough times, we have unprecedented Government cuts, a lacklustre economy and wages failing to keep pace with inflation. All this is resulting in a real squeeze for people in Ealing and our council tax freeze shows that we understand the pressures people are facing. The council tax freeze is worth £108 in real terms to the average family. We are demonstrating what Labour values are all about at the same time that the Conservatives cut taxes for millionaires.

Bell simply forgets to tell you that the council tax freeze was started by the Conservatives two years before he arrived on the scene.

Bell forgets to mention that since he has been in power the council has received £18 million in council tax freeze grants.

When Labour was last in power for 12 years it raised council tax by 179%. Don’t trust Bell.

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