Ealing and Northfield

East Acton has no new roads for three years


This picture shows the patches on the patches on Valetta Road in East Acton. You might think that East Acton would have had some money spent on its roads under the last three years of a Labour administration. After all it has three Labour councillors. The answer is no. Not a single road has been resurfaced in East Acton under three years of Labour.

Two roads have had new footpaths (Maple Avenue and Station Road) but only on one side! The total value of this work is £48,500. So less than £50K in three years. It is the ward that has done second worst after Ealing Common’s big fat zero.

Ealing has spent £12 million on its roads in the last three years so on average you might expect East Acton to get £522K. East Acton has had less than one tenth (9%) of its share of Labour’s much reduced spend on roads.

2 replies on “East Acton has no new roads for three years”

Let me get this straight previously we had labour not investing in Tory led roads now its not investign in their own roads, whatever next!



It does seem that Acton has done particularly badly on roads which seems strange as it has 9 Labour councillors. The Ealing North constituency of Stephen Pound has had 57% of the Borough’s spend over the last three years. Ealing Southall has had 30%. Ealing Central and Acton has had 13%. Hmm!


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