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Council stirring on Horn Lane pollution

Comparing Horn Lane since 29th May

This graph compares the level of PM10 particulate matter in the air on Horn Lane with sites on the Western Avenue and the Hanger Lane Gyratory System since Monday 29th April. It is clear that Horn Lane can be 3, 4 or 5 times more polluted than the busiest of roads in the Borough. This pollution is largely driven by the industrial sites immediately adjacent to Acton Mainline Station.

I raised the Horn Lane pollution issue at cabinet on 23rd April by handing out a similar graph. The minutes of the meeting recorded: “That Cabinet notes the tabled graph showing the PM10 Particulates (hourly means) for Horn Lane”. On 29th April the Conservative opposition on the council “called in” the cabinet decision. This means that the Horn Lane pollution issue will be discussed in detail at a meeting of the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee at 7.30pm on Thursday 16th May. This meeting is held in public and will allow residents to hear what the council has to say on this matter.

Since the cabinet meeting the leader of the council, Cllr Julian Bell, has invited representatives of West Acton Residents Association and me to meet with officers from the council’s regulatory side and him this afternoon at 5pm. This meeting will be a useful preamble to the public meeting on Thursday.

Cllr Bell was due to meet with Acton, Chiswick and Ealing MP, Angie Bray, on Friday to discuss this issue but he cancelled that meeting and invited her last Friday lunchtime (12.33pm) to come tonight – not really possible if you are an MP on a three line whip (as Julian Bell, part-time Parliamentary researcher for Virendra Sharma, would have known full well). Having raised this issue in Parliament, initiating an adjournment debate, Angie is very unhappy to be so obviously sidelined by Bell.

The message I will be giving Cllr Bell and the council tonight is that residents want to know what the council is going to do when to clean up Horn Lane. The council has been monitoring this pollution for eight years and it is two and a half years since Angie raised it in Parliament.

The council is stirring. If you want it to move faster and to give this matter the priority it deserves come to the Committee Room 3 at the Town Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday.

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The Ealing 2012/13 JSNA Chapter 6 includes a comment from John Freeman :

“Particulate pollution from industrial sources
In addition to traffic-related emissions, dust (including PM10) from waste, cement and aggregates facilities can worsen air quality in the vicinity of some sites, for example around Horn Lane Goods Yard, Acton, and Station Approach, Greenford. These emissions can affect both residential and commercial occupants. Historically the pollution from these sources has severely breached the daily and annual national air quality objectives (see for example, Hansard, 2010), though such issues have been responsive to local control and joint enforcement action by the Council and the Environment Agency.”

I wonder if the breaches are limited to history ! It would be good if recent events could be responsive to more of this “local control” and “joint enforcement action”.

I am trying to get more information into the public domain via


It looks from the statistics page on the londonair website that the Horn Lane monitor is standing at 35 bad air days (24 hour average > 50ug/m3) for PM10 particulates for 2013.

The EU limit is 35 days for the whole year.

Glancing across the other London sites, it looks as if Horn Lane is currently the worst in London.

One more day and it becomes illegal ?


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