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When will Longfield Avenue re-open?

As a part of the council’s £2 million project to gold plate the Town Hall and build a new civic quarter it is rebuilding Longfield Avenue, that is the road that runs between the Town Hall and Perceval House, the council’s main office complex. Longfield Avenue is at the heart of the new civic quarter that the council is building for itself without much fanfare and certainly without any public debate. The picture below was taken in February when some actual work was happening.


According to the council’s press release:

The works will see the section of road on Longfield Avenue between Uxbridge Road and the rear of the Town Hall raised. Both the road and the pavement will remain clearly defined, but the raised surface will create a shared space making it easier for pedestrians to cross. The remainder of the road up to the railway bridge will be resurfaced.

Further improvements include new Indian Sandstone paving, granite block paving, granite kerbs and general de-cluttering and reorganisation of the street furniture (such as bollards and rubbish bins). New cycle parking will also be installed. The works are part of a wider programme of improvements to Ealing Town Centre.

This is all very lovely but according to the answer to a question that I asked back in December (question 14) it is not cheap, coming in at £440K for a very short stretch of road.

In the same press release it was promised that this work would be finished on 9th March. Two months later and the road is still not open. It reminds one of the Bike Hub that was finished three months late and opened half built just before the Olympics.

To me the work looks finished. I can’t understand why the road isn’t open unless the officers’ vision is a new pedestrianised precinct that allows them to walk between their offices and the new Dicken’s Yard development untroubled by pesky Ealing residents using their own road to actually drive on. Who knows? They don’t seem to want to tell anyone. The driveway sealing looks perfect to me. At a time when there is no cash to resurface the road outside your house or make sure your pavement is flat and safe the council can find another £440K for itself.

One reply on “When will Longfield Avenue re-open?”

Bearing in mind that the developer seems to be failing to sell anything in Dickens Yard and (am I right in this?) the money for the refurbishment of Longfield Road is coming from the developer as part of the planning package there may be some kind of cash-flow problems with the developer. No money in equals no money to the council.
I hope the developer is not about to renege on its undertakings or to go bankrupt in light of no sales leaving a half-finished road. The cinema farce comes to mind.
Mind you even with the new paving and cobbling the area doesn’t look great: I am not sure I would want to pay £200K let alone £2 million for a tw0-bedroom penthouse overlooking a main railway line on one side and the grubby yellow-brick back of the town hall on the other side, not to mention the remains of a cinema frontage.


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